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Achieve Positive Patient Perception by Avoiding Medical Bed Linens that are 50 Shades of Gray!

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Dec 28, 2015 8:31:44 AM

Your medical sheets and towels may be sanitized and clean, but how do they appear? If the linens lack in color and quality, patients may develop a negative outlook towards their treatment experience, no matter how clean they actually are. Making sure the medical bed linens are sanitized, clean and on the shelf is important, but they also need to look bright white for patients to feel like they are well-cared for. When patients are receiving treatment, they don’t want to be provided with linens that appear 50 shades of gray; they’d prefer sheets and towels that look clean, fresh and crisp!


Following Trends of the Industry

Offering patients a positive experience during treatment is essential for medical facilities to thrive in an ever-growing competitive market, now that more healthcare provider options are available due to the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010. Prioritizing patient perception is the key to leaving an everlasting positive impression that patients will want to share with others. Enhancing patient perception is also an increasing trend in the healthcare industry – a fact supported in the 2015 State of Patient Experience Report by the Beryl Institute.



Gray Linens Can Cause a Negative Impact

A major aspect that can spoil patient perception is low-quality, faded laundry products. Can you imagine what patients might think if they are given a dirty and dingy looking towel or sheet? Most likely, their thoughts will be ones that question the quality and care of the healthcare facility as a whole. The reason lackluster, gray linens come about is because their colors have faded as they became washed over and over again. However, unpleasant medical bed linens don’t have to be a burden of worry. By partnering with ImageFIRST Cincinnati, they can be avoided to decrease the chance of creating negative patient perception!


Our Bright White Standard for Medical Linens

As your dedicated medical laundry provider, we adhere to a Bright White Standard, which is a practice conducted in our 5-Point Product Quality System. With our top-of-the-line cleaning, renting and delivery services, healthcare facilities receive bright white bed linens of the highest quality. When our Customer Advocate delivers your batch of medical linens, you can count on them to be bright white every single time. We make sure that our customers only see one shade of color on their medical linen shelves: WHITE!


We wish we had super-power vision, but unfortunately, we don’t. That’s why we don’t rely on just our eyes to determine the color quality of our linens. We send linen samples of our products to a third party laboratory for analysis, where a special scanning device is used to measure the color present in the fabric. Other laundry providers might not do that, but we do! With the results of the laundry analysis, we determine whether we are adhering to our Bright White Standard or not. If the results show that the linens are not truly “white,” then we come up with a solution to correct it.



Help enhance the patient experience of your medical facility with our premium, bright white bed sheets and towels offered with our quality laundry services. Partner with us today to receive robes, gowns, linens, sheets and nurse uniforms in Cincinnati, OH, that show patients they are well-cared for and comfortable. We care about our customers, as well as the patients they serve!


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